The Osteria

The Osteria

Osteria Casa Tua was born in 2006, where an ancient oven was originally housed, with its original vaulted ceilings and exposed red bricks, wooden tables and seating, and soft lighting, which has been preserved intact.

A restaurant that is born of love for traditional dishes, prepared with genuine and selected ingredients; a place where to taste ancient flavors and the simplicity of the dishes created in the eighteenth century on Tuscan territory. The simple flavors of the dishes are related to a territorial history of misery and poverty. The close bond with the earth that produces its ingredients makes it particularly genuine, balanced and straightforward.

Ancient recipes prepared with clever craftsmanship and respect for tradition.

Starting with starters, such as panzanella at Maremmana or salted cod with celery, rapeseed and dandelion cream. Among the first ones to be missed are the little crumbs and anchovies, the tomato juice, but above all the tannins, an “ancient” pasta form of the Lunigiana origin: a mix of water and cooked flour in a special container of terracotta (the text ), Then cut into rhombuses and re-cooked as a pasta and seasoned. Two variants: with pecorino and oil or with pistachio pistachios. In both the extraordinary cases, simple but very good.

In the second, the peposus to the kitchener (beef, fresh herbs, black pepper and basil) and pork tenderloin with candied rhubarb and crispy spinach.

All accompanied by the excellent wines of the cellar provided, but the conclusion can only be cantucci and vin santo, in full respect of tradition.